Women’s Empowerment

Tuesdays 6pm - 7pm 

Young ladies’ empowerment, self-worth, confidence and beauty tips.  There will also be team building, spa days and recreational and educational bonding field trips. 

Program Overview

Women’s Empowerment is an innovative mentoring program that service young ladies from the ages of 10-18. This program will educate these young ladies with rejuvenation and self awareness skills that will stick with them throughout life. Women’s Empowerment will include the following curriculums;

Divahz Talk –Where these young ladies will learn and us creative ways to discuss self awareness, health, hygiene, visions, careers and beauty tips along the way.

Creative Recreation –Where these young ladies will learn “Each One Reach One”the value of team work as we work together creating our own tools during our teambuilding workshops where we will use our creativity to prepare a spa set up, and make beauty essentials for themselves and their parents for our Divahz Spa Brunch.

Student Outcome

  • Youth will learn about identity and what it means to be a strong female individual. The students will be able to express themselves 4-5 sentences on their own understanding.
  • Youth will go through Job Readiness training learn about resume interviewing and proper attire
  • While learning about Public speaking the students will be able to comfortably speak in front of an audience.
  • The students will be able to express themselves in a classroom setting with their vision boards about themselves.
  • While learning about Self Esteem, Personal hygiene the students will be able to identify their feelings speaking positively about themselves and their peers.
  • The students will show their confidence by being able to look themselves in the mirror, and feed their mind with positive thoughts about themselves.

Audience: Young Women 10-18

Prerequisites: None

Duration: 6-8 weeks