Just Play Sports Sampling

Monday-Friday 7:00-8:30 PM

Just Play Sports Sampling Program Overview

Just Play every day gives male and female youth and youth adults ages 6-21 in low income neighborhoods the opportunity to sample numerous sports at their desired level that will give them the chance to stay healthy, active and away from negative activities by participating in any or all levels offered. Level one is free play which allows participants to have fun and develop their skills while building life long relationship with their friends while being supervised by coaches, high school and college players who will give feedback and pointers if requested. Level 2 participants can attend developmental camps and receive the rules and regulations, fundamentals, drills and skills training. Level 3 Small groups and individual training sessions. Level 4 players who are ready to join a team can join house leagues, local or travel teams individual and teams to help prepare players mentally and physically for middle school, high school, college or modified sports.


  • For participants to have fun playing various sports in a safe environment.
  • For participants to learn the rules and regulations of each sport by reading handouts and hands on examples.
  • For participants to be active and promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • For participants to build positive /healthy relationships with coaches and other players through group mentoring sessions, team building exercises, recreational/ educational field trips, events, celebrations and banquets.

Audience: Youth & Young Adults 6-21

Prerequisites: None

Duration: 6-8 weeks