Dance Classes

Mondays 6pm - 7pm 

Participants will learn the basic, intermediate and advance fundamentals of various dance techniques.

Dance: Program Overview

Dance class we learn to create without being judged. The youth will be encouraged to use their own ideas to explore dance, music, and their bodies. We will learn about how amazing the body is, and how dance can free us to express our own individual identities. Youth who take this class will work together as a team, they will collaborate in the truest sense, using each other's ideas as inspiration to create a brand new choreography. But before they can create, youth need tools. In the first half of the class, we will build foundational dance skills such as footwork, body movement, and stunting, through progressive choreography routines. As youth complete these routines they will build their toolkit, and begin to explore variations and personal interpretations of movements and music. Then, when youth have mastered the basics, they will collaborate. Brainstorming and experimenting through freestyle dance cyphers the class will develop its own cohesive style. This style will guide the team through their creation of an original performance piece to the song “My Generation” Damian Marely. My Generation is a song about the differences between the old and the new, old school and the new school, and how our youth repurpose the old styles to make something new and exciting. The mantra of “We have come a long way from where we have started” will be a focus of the class, and the song’s theme of “change is possible” will serve as an inspirational message to the class. InBy the end of the six-week program youth will see their progression captured in a video.


  • Students will demonstrate exceptional footwork, body movement, and stunt
  • Students will gain perspective on the connection between movement, play, and life
  • Students will build communication, conflict resolution, and teamwork skills
  • Students will express their identity through freestyle dance forms
  • Students will create and follow a community agreement

Audience: Youth & Young Adults 6-18

Prerequisites: None

Duration: 6-8 weeks